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Helping Families Whose Newborns Have Suffered Brain Or Head Injuries During Delivery

Medical negligence during delivery comes in all forms, with head injuries being among the most serious. What seems like a minor bruise under a newborn’s scalp from a badly positioned or leveraged vacuum extractor can turn out to be a life-threatening hemorrhage in some rare cases. In other instances, a doctor’s delay in performing a cesarean section when your baby is showing signs of fetal distress can cut off your baby’s oxygen supply and lead to permanent brain damage or cerebral palsy. Your pregnancy may have been mishandled from the start. If your pregnancy should have been labeled high risk and the delivery should have been treated as such, you may have a strong birth injury lawsuit. Doctors who ignore warning signs end up unprepared for a complicated delivery, which can result in brain injuries. At The Law Office of Robert H. Kleinschmidt, P.C., in Scottsdale, we work hard to help hold negligent medical professionals accountable and to help you recover the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled.

Short- And Long-Term Effects Of Head Injuries During Delivery

Although these injuries are naturally disturbing to a new mother or father, lacerations and minor swelling caused by forceps or vacuum birth extractors usually clear themselves up in several weeks without medical intervention.

Unfortunately, your baby may suffer permanently as a result of a doctor’s mistake. While some babies simply show signs of temporary bruising from delivery, others may be injured or affected in the following ways:

  • Brain damage and cerebral palsy due to lack of fetal blood flow and oxygen
  • Cortical blindness, which is neurological vision impairment caused by damage to the occipital cortex
  • Wrongful death, due to a forceps or traumatic brain injury during delivery

Though compensation cannot erase medical negligence, it can help you pay for treatment of your baby’s head injuries. If the damage is permanent and cannot be treated, compensation from a lawsuit can pay for management of symptoms.

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