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The Nightmare Of A Truck Accident

A truck accident is a nightmare no one should have to endure. After getting hit by a truck, your life may change forever. You may be left wondering how such a tragedy could take place. Whether you suffered catastrophic injuries yourself or lost a loved one in a tragic collision, you deserve the answers, compensation and closure that come with the legal process. At The Law Office of Robert H. Kleinschmidt, P.C., in Scottsdale, our lawyer works hard to help injured accident victims recover the full and fair compensation they deserve.

How These Cases Are Different

From a legal perspective, accidents involving large trucks are often dramatically more complex than car accident cases. Complicated state and federal laws regulate commercial trucks. These regulations are designed to protect the safety of everyone on the road. For example, the law places limits on how long truck drivers can spend behind the wheel. It also requires them to keep detailed logbooks of their time driving, and it mandates regular maintenance and upkeep of trucks.

When an accident occurs, it may turn out that the truck driver or trucking company violated the law. Semi-truck drivers are often under a great deal of pressure from their employers to cover long distances in a short time. To cover their tracks, they may have falsified logbooks or ignored important safety standards. A close investigation will reveal any lapses that may have contributed to the accident.

How We’re Equipped To Help

Because of these complexities, it’s important to have an attorney who understands the legal nuances of truck accident cases. At The Law Office of Robert H. Kleinschmidt, P.C., a personal injury firm in the Phoenix area, we have what it takes to protect your rights and those of your loved ones. Our firm is built on 30-plus years of proven experience. As an accomplished trial lawyer, Robert H. Kleinschmidt has the experience and proven results to advance your claim for catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

You can count on us to protect your interests through all stages of the legal process. We invest in a results-driven approach from the outset, conducting a thorough investigation to obtain all the evidence necessary for a strong claim. We then assess how to best proceed through settlement or trial, depending on your wishes and circumstances.

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