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Holding Manufacturers Accountable For Harmful Defective Products

Federal and state laws require products to be designed in the safest way possible for their intended purpose. If a product is dangerous or has the potential to cause injury, it must have warning labels that are clearly visible and easily read. Failure to meet these requirements can result in a product liability claim. A defective product claim is valid if the product caused physical damage or severe personal injury to the person using the product by design, manufacturing or inadequate warning.If you believe you may have a product liability claim, call The Law Office of Robert H. Kleinschmidt, P.C., at 480-951-3949 to speak with a Scottsdale lawyer about your case. We help clients seek full and fair compensation for their injuries caused by defective or dangerous products.

We Have Handled A Wide Range Of Product Liability Cases

Defective product cases we handle include:

  • Fentanyl pain patch Pradaxa, Yaz, defective mesh cases and other pharmaceutical or prescription drugs
  • Birth defect cases caused by taking Topamax, Clomid or Wellbutrin
  • Defective medical products, including DePuy hip replacements and Sulzer hip implants
  • Knee replacement defects
  • Tire defects causing rollovers and roof crushes
  • Air bag, seat belt, door latch and brake failures
  • Defective child safety seats
  • Drop-side crib recalls
  • Equipment defects causing fire and explosions
  • Defective machinery and power tools
  • Construction site equipment defects

Holding Negligent Parties Responsible

We trust that the products we buy will function as they are advertised to do. When they do not, and injury or damage occurs, those responsible should be held accountable. In some instances, several parties may potentially be held accountable for the defective product, including the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or assembly facility.

Our firm is skilled at handling complex personal injury and defective product cases. We will thoroughly investigate the case and pursue damages against anyone who is at fault for your injuries and suffering.

Filing A Product Liability Lawsuit

An Arizona product liability lawsuit must be filed within two years of the personal injury. It is important not to waste time. You can take several steps prior to pursuing a claim:

  • Document all of the information about the product, such as 1) where it was purchased, 2) when it was purchased and 3) when and how the injury occurred.
  • Save and maintain the product in a safe place (preferably in its original package) and do not tamper with it or alter it in any way.
  • Take photographs of the product in question, the location of the injury and the injury itself.

This information and the product should be given to a qualified lawyer who has been successful in handling defective product cases. Attorney Kleinschmidt has been helping clients address the physical, emotional and financial impact of personal injury cases for nearly 30 years. He will use this information to construct a strong case designed to secure the compensation you deserve and are entitled to receive.

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