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We Help Families Whose Babies Have Suffered Umbilical Cord Strangulation

Every parent wishes for the day they can touch and hold their newborn baby. Unfortunately, this joyful event does not always go as planned. Negligent doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals may fail to react quickly and appropriately to medical concerns such as umbilical cord strangulation.At The Law Office of Robert H. Kleinschmidt, P.C., in Scottsdale, our attorney works hard to help hold negligent medical professionals accountable and to help you recover the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled.

What Is Umbilical Cord Strangulation?

The umbilical cord plays a vital role in the development of an unborn child. This thick, sturdy cord carries vitamins and nutrients, as well as the oxygen needed to survive, directly to the fetus. Sometimes, this important cord becomes twisted, knotted, or prolapsed before or during the delivery process. When this happens, medical staff must react immediately before oxygen deprivation causes irreversible damage that can result in severe complications, including death.

Types Of Umbilical Cord Strangulation

Approximately 0.6% of women experience a cord prolapse, where the umbilical cord comes out beside or ahead of the baby, during delivery. This disrupts the flow of oxygen to the child, making it difficult or impossible for air to get through. A prolapsed cord is very serious and immediate steps should be taken to rectify the situation during delivery.

A nuchal cord presents itself in approximately one-third of all pregnancies and tends to be less severe than a prolapsed cord. This is because a nuchal cord event is typically identified and corrected promptly by medical staff. There are two types of nuchal cord complications – Type A and Type B. In Type A, the cord is wrapped completely around the baby’s neck. The cord is knotted and tangled in Type B. While a nuchal cord is easily treated if caught in time, negligent doctors or labor and delivery nurses, may fail to address the condition before it is too late.

Potential Complications

Numerous complications, many of which may leave your child permanently disabled, can result from umbilical cord strangulation. A prolapsed cord or nuchal cord may send your child into fetal distress during the delivery. If medical staff fails to notice or respond to the distress, the following complications might occur:

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