Concussions: A Common Yet Potentially Serious Injury

The brain is one of the most fragile organs in the body. Normally, it remains suspended in a cushion of spinal fluid within the skull. The trauma of a car accident or other significant impact can upset this delicate balance, causing the brain to crash against the skull with extreme force. In medical terms, this is a concussion — a word derived from the Latin term for “violently shaken.” Concussions are one of the most common types of brain injuries.

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Why All Concussions Should Be Taken Seriously

Concussions are actually a type of traumatic brain injury. Severe concussions can potentially lead to long-term brain damage (known as post-concussion syndrome). Those that go overlooked or untreated can also result in complications.

The symptoms of a concussion can range from confusion, nausea and vomiting to long-term memory loss, personality changes and difficulty concentrating. The most severe concussions — ranked as grade 3 — involve temporary loss of consciousness. Whenever signs of a concussion appear after an accident, it’s critical to seek prompt evaluation and treatment.

Concussions In Children: An Even Greater Danger

The developing brains of children and infants are especially susceptible to damage from concussions. The symptoms are also more likely to go overlooked in young children who can’t articulate what’s wrong.

When a child sustains a traumatic brain injury so young in life, the future may be uncertain. He or she may struggle with cognitive difficulties, developmental delays or impaired motor skills. Read more about caring for a child with special health needs.

Speak To A Lawyer For No Cost Upfront

If you or a loved one has suffered severe, long-lasting harm as a result of a concussion, and if you believe negligence may have been a contributing factor, you owe it to yourself to speak with an attorney.

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