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Client Testimonials

  • Giving A Voice To Those Seriously Injured Or Killed By Negligence Since 1984

“Robert is amazing! He is a man of his word. He works hard and does the job. He puts his heart into it. He is a gift to anyone to anyone who is going through a storm in their life. He is understanding. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for justice.” — Otis M.

“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my family. Thank you for helping us get the justice we needed. What the enemy meant for evil. God turned around for the good. Thank you for taking our case and fighting for truth. You’re an awesome person! You’re full of integrity, which is hard to find these days. You feel the client’s pain and pursue the case with your heart. This Valentine’s was very special because we can now close this chapter in our lives.” — Melissa M.

“Rob, words cannot express how grateful I am for all your hard work you did for my family! May God richly bless you and your family! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” — Lynn R.

“I found that I needed legal representation after I had an accident. Robert Kleinschmidt was referred to me from a family attorney. From the very moment I met him, I knew I was with someone that cared and would guide me thru the process. Robert always had my best interest at heart and I never questioned his integrity or his actions (motives). He was like a friend and put me first in every aspect. Robert continually provided support, encouragement and kept me well-informed. Thru different times, he kept me sane and grounded. It is your lucky day if he takes your case.” — BOK

“Attorney Robert Kleinschmidt was heaven sent for me and my family. Our daughter had a very rare injury at birth, so rare that there is yet to be another case seen to date. Rob was there for us, like a family member and friend, from start to finish. He and his staff are compassionate, kind, helpful and professional. Our daughter recently turned 18 years of age and all these years later, Rob was still here for us to answer any questions and help with the follow-up with the courts. I can’t begin to explain the integrity that this gentleman has. If ever I have a problem with anything, Rob will be the first person I call.” — Aleal

“When hearing the word integrity with the word attorney, it isn’t usually in the same sentence unless you are speaking of Robert Kleinschmidt. I never thought I would sue someone, but I nearly lost my life due to someone’s negligence and had enormous medical bills. From the moment I met Robert Kleinschmidt and his staff, I felt I was part of his family. I was nervous about the case and the proceedings, but he made me focus on what was the most important thing, which was getting myself well. I cannot say enough about how caring he was to me and my family. He’s a man of the highest integrity & compassion.” — JJ

“After experiencing a life-changing collision, I was fortunate enough to be referred to the law offices of Robert Kleinschmidt and his amazing staff. I find it hard to put into words what Rob and his law firm mean to me and how hard he and his staff worked for me, but very — and I mean very — simply put: I found an attorney and staff that was beyond honest, selfless and hardworking that treated me like I was the only case they had. They worked long tireless days and evenings, always treated me with respect and the truth. They catered to my injury and therefore went the extra miles, and there were many. One thing I can say for certain is this: He can be trusted, he is on your side 200% and goes as many extra miles as he needs to go. Now that my case is over, I am beginning my grieving process of not having regular contact with Rob and his staff. I miss them so much.” — Lisa K.

“My wife was a victim of malpractice. The procedure, from beginning to end, we were extremely impressed with Rob Kleinschmidt and his staff. Rob empathized with what my wife went through and continued to go through. They were very caring people and were always looking at getting us the best result. Any concern or thought we had, they were very quick to respond to us. All in all, they made going through a rough time as smooth as possible. We wanted to take time out to thank them.” — Jeff S.

“Your belief in us gave us the determination to fight and allow our son’s voice to be heard! We are honored you chose to be his voice.” — E.B.

“Thank you for your wisdom and guidance through one of the most difficult chapters of my life. Because of you, my baby will get the medical care he deserves.” — M.B.

“Our paths united together in a journey of belief and determination. … Your ongoing dedication, belief, sincerity and determination has done more than any words can describe.” — K.B.

“Words can hardly express my gratitude for your skillful handling of our case, as well as your warmth and personal concern for us.” — M.Y.

“We want to express our thanks for your support and success on our behalf in our legal action. Your professionalism meant so much to us.” — E.S.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your helping resolving my case so successfully. I commend you on your professionalism, knowledge and integrity. You always gave us sound advice and looked out for my best interest.” — M.T.

“Thank you for your honesty and tremendous dedication to my case.” — L.E.

“Thank you for all your effort in this long ‘chess game.’ You always stood out among the best.” — L.C.

“I was most impressed with your case. In addition to a keen grasp of the facts, your method of presentation was outstanding.” — F.P. (opposing counsel)

“What a great result! I’ll keep my eyes open for additional cases to refer to you.” — B.E.S. (referring counsel)